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Natalia Kapretti - Sweet Diarrhea And Shit, Your Food, Latrine

Natalia Kapretti Sweet, soft shit, that’s your food for long, long days and weeks, Latrine. You’re lucky to be my living toilet bowl and eat all my shit, shit of my slave girls day after day. You are constantly aroused, your penis is always standing, you are lying down and constantly thinking about who you are, that you are eating shit right out of ass. And you like it. You are real pervert, shit eater and toilet, now this is your essence, your destiny.1. You lucky, Latrine, eat diarrhea and shitYou’re lucky, my new Latrine. Only a day has passed since you came to me, and you have a large meal. My slave girl came to visit me and I think she has diarrhea. Open your mouth soon, now you will have to swallow a lot of shit faster and faster. The truth is delicious shit from my slave girl. Enjoy it, very soon I will visit you and take a shit in your filthy toilet mouth.Here I am, quickly open your mouth and swallow. Oh, Yes, what a relief. I see you’re fast getting used to eating shit. This is very commendable, you will make a good toilet bowl.I told you were lucky. I want to shit again, for the second time in a day, and I’m getting my period, so you’ll have to start getting used to the new taste, too. Well done, you did a good job, I feed you big shit today. Now I will let you suck my tampon, your first duty is to swallows all my secretions. So suck it good.2. Eat my slavegirl’s sweet shit, latrine Well, latrine, today you have delicacy, today my slavegirl, will feed your her shit. Oh, what golden stream of urine she has, swallow the toilet faster, try to have time to swallow faster than she pisses. The tart smell of urine, now I feel, I’m next to the toilet. And here is the shit, sweet, take in mouth, swallow without chewing, this is your only food. Cheeks are swollen, you like to savor shit. Lie down there, then and enjoy your meal. You stink of shit and piss, you’re real toilet

Date: September 10, 2021

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