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Natalia Kapretti - From Now On You're My Toilet Bowl

Natalia Kapretti Feel my power, feel my passion. Accept it and submit. Get down on your knees in front of me, lie down on the floor, and open your mouth. From now on, you’re my toilet bowl, my living toilet, and shit eater 1. Soft, fragrant shit, you want eat it I love everything white, I love medical thematics. Today, toilet slave, you my patient and I’m prescribing you eat my shit. Look at the soft, fragrant shit oozing out of my ass, I know you want eat it. Lick it first and then eat, eat it all to the last bite, so that there is no trace left. I got my g-string dirty, but it’s okay, you wash it in your toilet mouth. And so that they will be again same white, clean. As reward, I’ll let you lick my dirty ass 2. I’ll stuff every shit into your toiletmouth See, this is the whip I’m going to use flog you. And this… the shit I’ll feed you every day when you’re at my feet. See how big pile it is, but I’ll stuff every last bit of into your toilet mouth. And you will eat it, swallow without stopping, it will be your constant food, every day. After all, you want to do this, want serve me and give me pleasure, be my toilet and eat all my shit 3. I’m waiting, toilet, eat my shit I look forward seeing you. You’ll eat my shit every morning. And I shit a lot, every day, even several times a day. Shit will flow out of my ass and fall right into your mouth. And then you’ll be licking my ass clean. I’m going step in the shit on purpose and you’re going lick soles of my shoes. You’re nothing, my toy, my toilet bowl

Date: October 14, 2021

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