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Natalia Kapretti - Drink Urine Eat Shit And Don't Puke Toilet

Natalia Kapretti Games, games, dirty games. I love playing with my toilet slaves and slave girls. They never know what I will come up with and want at this moment and this time. I love pissing, shitting slaves in their mouths, smearing them with shit, puking on them and making them puke. I so like their devoted scared look in those moments, it’s so fun, so exciting 1. Pissing, shitting on toilet slave, crapping everywhere We like to play with my slave girl and have fun. We piss and shit in the middle of the room, compete who more and far away pissed, piss on my toilet slave so that he is wet from head to toe in our urinal. And my slave girl not only piss, but also shit. Every time she pisses, but at least a little bit but take a shitting. It’s so fun, so exciting 2. Drink urine, eat shit, puke be later toilet It was a special day for everyone. On this day, my toilet slave-shit-eater was public toilet, we fed him shit with my girl friends. He ate 3 porcit of our fresh shit and my collected shit for five days. I was very proud of him, but this does not mean that his trials are over for today and I will let him relax.The slave girl wanted to shit again. And I decided that on this day all the shit in the house will go only into the mouth of the shit eater. He lay down on the floor under the ass of my slave girl and she took a shit and peed in his mouth. I also decided to empty my bladder into his toilet mouth and strong stream of urine hit right into the shit in his mouth. He swallowed mixture of shit and urine, choked, but drank, it was lot of fun. Well, now eat all shit. I gathered up all the fallen shit and stuffed it in his mouth, let him lie and eat, and we will go with the slave girl to drink tea. Half hour later, when we got back, he was still chewed shit. Let me help you eat it! Slave-toilet, ate and swallow shit, all the shit he’d eaten all day and all the urine he’d drunk filled him up and he began to vomit. Puking is good, because cleaned, removes excess. I’ll help you, shoved the strap-on down your throat. Puked, well done. It was a lot of fun, we will need to repeat this party again. But this time I invite 5 women and let him eat our shit

Date: October 1, 2021

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