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Natalia Kapretti - You'll Be My Toilet Until Beg Forgiveness

Natalia Kapretti I was so prepared for the arrival of my toilet slave, and he didn’t come, bitch! And he rescheduled arrival for the next day. And I don’t shit for two days, save up shit for him, collect. And so, I’m running on the street and feel, I wanted to shit so badly that I ran home. Came running… fuck, I push, squeeze shit out of my ass. Such feeling, there’s lump of shit in my ass that looks like it’s size of brick. No, need have to shit every day, I’m constipated. Well, toilet bitch, shit-eater, only coming tomorrow, I’ll make you eat all shit that will be in the house. Before you know it, I’m going squeeze your balls and not let you go until you’ve swallowed all shit in one gulp. With difficulty, but I still took a shit, it’s such relief. The next day my living toilet bowl appeared, eyes on the floor, blushing, turning pale. Get on your knees and crawl to the toilet, lie, put your head in the toilet bowl. You’ll be my stationary toilet until beg me forgiveness. Open your mouth, I want to shit. And I’ll wash my ass with enema give you more shit in your toilet mouth. A little later, I went to washing in the bath and again wanted to shit, it’s all because of the cork in my ass. I put her specially to get rid of yesterday’s constipation as soon as possible. I will not getting out of the tub and sit on live toilet, I’m wet, I’ll soak everything. I’ll take a shit in the tub. See how delicious the shit is. I’m going wash my body and then feed shit, lying in the toilet bowl shit eater

Date: October 1, 2021

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