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Natalia Kapretti - Ready Be My Toilet Eating My Shit

Natalia Kapretti Slaves are so insatiable in their desires, so driven. They want to try all and be afraid, afraid not only to do it, but even just admit it, say it. I open minds, give a sense of necessity, an opportunity to belong.First I lead the slave to the necessity of becoming my toilet slave. I give him what he wants, and he is ready to do anything to please me. Then I begin to introduce him to the toilet theme, to accustom him the smell of my shit, feeling shit on his body. Finally I give him try my shit, teaching eat shit. The process can take place in different ways, but the results the same, give me pleasure, become my toilet bowl.I also like to fuck slaves in the ass and this is mandatory practice. I like to stretch slaves asses to large sizes. And over time, the slaves start to like the strap-on and they start asking me, begging me to fuck them in the ass. And this is an additional lever to using the slave as a toilet.Shit is always different, hard, soft, smelly, sweet, bitter. And toilet slave should eat any my shit, all of it. I love it when slave eats all the shit, drinks the urine and thanks me for feeding him my shit.Are you ready to serve your Mistress. Ready be my toilet, eating my shit 1. Are you ready to serve your Mistress?You are ready to serve your Mistress. Stand in front of me on your knees, kissing my legs, my boots. Lick them, rising higher and higher to the crotch, to my ass. Ready to substitute your ass for fucking, under my strap-on. I think you’ll never be ready for a strap-on. Knowing what I like sizes and they will become more and more. And your ass is getting wider and wider. You must serve me as a toilet, toilet paper, urinal, when I want and where I want. I know that you want all this, don’t be ashamed of your desires. After all, desires need to be embodied otherwise they will turn into paranoia.2. Your duty, serve me, eat my shitWell, now I’m going to fuck you in the ass. First, take this strap-on, your ass will get used to it, and then I will plant in you my favorite big strap-on. The bigger the size, the more I like fucking you. Then you’ll lick it of your own shit. I’ll sit on your face and you’ll lick my ass until I want to shit. I’ll take a shit on the floor and you’ll get on with your basic duties. You’ll eat my shit, no matter how big it is. First you lick it all over, and then you will bite and eat. This will give me pleasure, because I love to watch such a shit-eater and live toilet bowl like you eat my shit. 3. Lessons Toilet slaves, taking shit and piss Today you will be my toilet, toilet paper and urinal. Don’t disappoint me, slave, by lie in the toilet place. Open your mouth wide, I want to shit. And don’t let a piece fall past your mouth. Attaboy. And now lick my ass, better lick, still. Hold tight to my ass, the rest of the shit goes right into your mouth. Now, the second step of training. Open your mouth, I’ll piss in your mouth, and you swallow my piss. Anything you spill, you’ll lick off the floor. Well done, you did it. I hope soon you will completely replace me toilet and toilet paper. 4. You’re latrine and nonentity, toilet, eat shit From now on, I am your Mistress. Your mouth is my latrine, my toilet. You are mine now, a worthless slave. Your destiny is now to be whatever I want you to be. And I want you to eat my shit and thank me. Open your mouth, take it, eat my shit. Now you’re my toilet and shit eater. Look at me motherfucker. I want to see your eyes when you eat my shit. Eating till full. Now go to your seat until I call you

Date: September 28, 2021

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