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Natalia Kapretti - Slave Toilet - Sexiest Thing In The World

Natalia Kapretti How much fun you can get by fucking your husband in the ass, stretching his point to a huge hole. Believe me, very lots. My husband’s ass now enter two hands, leg, I freely fuck him with my fists and with pleasure give his ass to be torn to pieces by my girl friends. And of course, slave husband must serve as a toilet bowl. Streams of shit flow into his mouth, fill it up and he chews it, tries to eat, it’s sexiest thing in the world, man – toilet bowl 1. Huge pile of shit, sea of piss I took a good shit and had fun this morning. For better digestion, you always need move more. When I woke up, I decided fuck my slave. He grunted and groaned when my fist invaded his fucked ass, and when my favorite huge strap-on flew into him, he jumped up and his eyes widened. I like it so much when he has such face, it’s so funny and I happy about it. And then, then I really wanted to shit. As soon as he lay down on the floor, I crouched over his mouth and dumped huge pile of shit into him. Yes, this is best feeling, relief, but after looking at him lying with mouthful of shit, I had an idea. Putting strap-on in his mouth with shit, I sat on him ass and began jump, enjoying movement and feeling of fullness in my ass. This fun ride made me want to piss and shit again. Powerful stream of urine hit slave in mouth and he choked trying to either swallow or spit out my urine. But before I could take a piss, soft shit started spilling out of my ass. Shit started falling into the slave’s mouth. It was so exciting, so hot 2. Double shit, eat it faggot, bitch, shiteater I recently went to Sochi on rest and see my friend, Mrs.Tamara. After tea and chat, we wanted to have fun. It’s good thing I took my slave husband with me on the trip, to have a good time like this. I put my faggot on his knees on the couch, he stuck out his ass and we fucked him hard, first with fists, then shoved two hands in his ass and I fucked him with my favorite, 9 centimeters in diameter strap-on and left him in the ass as a cork. Let ass stretch and get used to being open. It’s time for us to take a shit in his mouth. My husband-slave, served me as a toilet, tasted and ate my shit, but he never took shit in the mouth another woman or Mistress. Everything happens for the first time, and we’ll make him eat our shit. We took turns shitting in his mouth. His cheeks were swollen and I pulled stocking over his head to keep him from spitting out. Chew bitch, enjoy taste of our shit mix. What are you choking on? If you can’t eat, we’ll make you. Eat, or we’ll flog and beat you in turn, swallowing all. I don’t see joy in your movements! Eat shit, don’t waste it. Our whip and stack well went all over his ass and body. He grunted and cry out, but he chewed and ate shit. Ate almost everything. I’ll teach you how eat shit. And you will eat it from everyone I say. You’re my toy faggot, toilet bowl, and shit eater

Date: September 28, 2021

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